Hello world!

Welcome to my world people ! I’ve tried this many times before but have not been so successful im so computer illiterate it’s a crying shame. I just am a bookaholic a shopaholic and loooove to tell everyone about books that they should be reading ( come on now the book is not dead!!! I still prefer a solid book over my Kindle paperwhite and I have five kindles btw!) yet the book oh the magical fantastical book to this day I could reach orgasm walking into a bookstore and the smell of all those books excites me to…to…to.. Ok im back down to earth. Just sayin…

Don’t have time to read or just plain don’t like to read.. Ok I get Ya.. But one thing everyone loves to do is shop! ( or watch TV but then I’d have to change this to bookwatchTVshopworm hmmm) well for now I will just concentrate on my two favorite things; reading and shopping. Any clothes I buy anything that I think is all the rage this time of year I will blog about and my golly I might even just figure out to upload me some pictures. Gee wiz here I am in the 21st century.

Come take the magical mystery tour with me you’ll at least get a few laughs watching me try to navigate Everything lol.

Ive only just begun. I might even be able to link the first book I ever got published “The Destroyer” up here! I could surpass 10 copies sold!!! Just kidding! It was 11! Didn’t forget about you grandma!

Ok now I am actually writing a book so I have to do that tonight my “thing” will be to try and post this killer outfit I bought Monday with my friend Isabel and then I am currently reading “The Ward” by S.L. Grey it is a semi sequal to “The Mall” ; two books that didn’t get half the hype they should have. I will review as I go. So after I finish each book I will review. I have 1000 books to review I might even just show you a glimpse of my hoarding tendencies in the meantime hang tight this is going to be quite an experience.

And for all you still reading I will get the pictures up of my new fabulous outfit !

Love and kisses,