Please copy or paste above into your browser- this is for THE WARD it’s a review of the SL GREY book (Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg met in a pub while bunking a crime seminar; these are the authors behind ” SL GREY) and I noticed that to buy the Ward now it’s about 24.00 but to get the Downside trilogy The Mall, The Ward, and The New Girl together it’s only 10.00. I strongly recommend getting that. It is one of the weirdest pieces of literature I have ever read. Also there is one other book by SL Grey called The Underground but I don’t think it is part of the downside books; anyway; I could not read it fast enough which is a good sign. There are books where you fall in love with the characters; then there are books that are just interesting and you want to find out what happens. That is the downside. I cared slightly more about the characters in The Mall; The Ward character’s are so shallow and appearance driven it was hard to feel for them but again, I give the book a strong 4.5 stars. It was tighter than the Mall though if I had to pick the better of the two I might go with the Mall I liked the ending better. The Ward almost ended too abruptly for me. I wish it would have been a little longer. This time the two people are Lisa and Farrell, Farrell is a celebrity fashion photographer like a Star magazine TMZ kind of guy while Lisa is just obsessed with plastic surgery; they stumble across and organ harvesting chop shop “Hospital” where they both wake up after each had a different accident. The subsequent story revolves around them trying to get out of the hospital and once they do= at what price must they pay for their freedom. It’s explained somewhat why the two were picked out of all the millions of people in the world and it’s a tad vague some might find contention with that. For me, the story is so good and well written I tend to “suspend disbelief” and enjoy the ride. Life doesn’t make sense so unless it’s completely off the charts I tend to not be picky revolving around the whats and the whys.

Again go to the link above and decide for yourself if this is the kind of book you would like. I cant wait to read The New Girl but I just got the new Stephen King Book in:

and I am reading this – The Bazaar of Bad Dreams – it’s his first short story collection since The Night Shift and I loved the night shift so I am going to read this first, then go to The New Girl – in the meantime – get cracking on the downside! Time for me to go to my writing class!!! My work is being critiqued tonight I will post it tonight or tomorrow it’s called “I’m a believer” I will post soon!! Love

Debbie kisses



Well who has ever been to arbitration? – I will be going on Thursday. I worked in a field for over 20 years with an excellent record- and then then new management came in and they fired me for no reason at all. It’s true. I am very nervous because they took a lot from me – my self esteem- my paycheck- and most important my kids health benefits – they took the food right out of their mouths. It’s a disgrace and I pray and hope that a judge will be able to see right through them after Thursday no matter what the outcome I will be back to my “normal”‘ self right now I am somewhat of a mess. Pray for me Please And I will be back with a vengeance I promise- plus I am almost done the Ward. I ordered Stephen King’s new book The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. So I will review the Ward (S.L. Grey -Downside #2 – I am liking these downside books – kooky freaky weird like me – and then I will start the Bazaar ; the last good Stephen King book I read was 11/22/63  – I didn’t like Mr. Mercedes; the sequal to the shining was ok but I can’t even remember the title so it couldn’t have been that good – I just remember the lady with the hat that preyed on children that was pretty cool. Doctor Sleep was the name of the sequal to the Shining; now come on the Shining was masterful to follow up twenty years later with Doctor Sleep? Eh – come on Stephen!! SCARE US!!! In the meantime – Wink Wink – PRAY FOR ME!!

Old Betsey!!

car going awayOld Betsey lasted many years – about 5 – I got it for 1800.00 from some car shop. It had 80,000 miles on it  – today, leaving,  it had about 150.000 – it NEVER broke down on me. NEVER- only tires went flat. But that’s it.
It was a good running car and got me back and forth to my “corporate job”. I now sit and wonder where I am going – like the car that is on the lift and being driven away – I wonder myself just where I am headed. It’s a scary thing you know – since 1989 I’ve done one particular job and now that job has been eliminated. Nothing I did. Corporate blah blah. I am quite scared I will admit. But I guess as the saying goes. Let go and Let God.


cropped-time-clock.jpgThe title of this is the address to a great writing exercise that I am entering it’s write a 50,000 word novel in a month (the month of November) now a standard novel is usually around 100,000 words or more so consider this a novella anyway you sign up you type 50,000 words and it doesn’t matter if you type. Jack Nicholson is Crazy enough times to equal 50,000 words it still counts- I am entering part of a novel because I think I could type 50,000 words in a month it’s about 1500 words a day and I do that on an average. So God Bless and before I go to work on the 50,000 I must add.,..

Ok I am doing a lot of different things right now hence my fabulous website will be taking somewhat of a backseat while I can A – learn to navigate it esp with wordpress – GOD HELP ME – or anyone else that is familiar with wordpress – I don’t want to keep bothering customer service agents who I can barely understand (and I mean because they’re talking computer talk not because I can’t understand their accents) anyway, if anyone has the time to explain the connection to word press to me I’d gladly appreciate it! –

The Downside

3 booksok here are three great; very strange books; theyre all based in South Africa so you get a lot of “jas” instead of “yeahs” the first one The Mall takes us in a mall; two characters; Rhoda and Dan. Rhoda is a girl who has a disfiguring scar on her face and is a big coke snorter. She is supposed to be babysitting but she meets her dealer instead and she loses site of the child; Dan works at a place called Only Books and he sees Rhoda and at first is very turned off by her scar. He sees that she is obviously running around panicked and asks her whats up – she says “I lost a kid my friend is going to kill me” and they go in search of the child. What they find is a horror story underneath the mall; hidden inside the crevices are secrets so dark you’ll never look at a mall the same again, I don’t want to go to into it because I might “ruin/spoiler alert kind of thing” it. So suffice it to say it’s pretty scary but there’s lessons to be learned and that’s always been my favorite kind of book; ones that make you think about life in general.

The Ward is about a hospital I am midway through this one and I am actually liking this better than even the Mall. It’s tighter; the collaboration between the two authors (S.L. Grey is a pseudonym) is a lot better this time; first book became a bit disjointed. I heard a lot of criticisms that the books are “gross” which yeah, they’re pretty stomach churning but again, MORALS BABY MORALS!! I worked in a city hospital and so unfortunately I can attest that a lot of the things that happen (not the real crazy parts) but there being so many people the patients start lining up in the hallway in their hospital beds waiting for CT scan are fairly accurate. Give them a try! I will elaborate when I am finished the WARD. And I didn’t even start The New Girl yet.