11/21/2018 Bird Box will nog yo sockys off!

I think it’s the 21st – anywho – I am exhausted – but reading an excellent book- Called “Bird Box” – SPOILER MINOR ahead – some say that they don’t like it because the people are blindfolded and I am like with all that fiction twists around you can’t just suspend disbelief a little and not only that but MAJOR SPOILER – people complain, oh well sometimes the creatures are right in front of them but do not attack makes no sense well hello there the guy is talking about infinity people and saying that infinity is something we cannot as humans comprehend – I’ve been on this earth over 40 years (still way less than 50, ok) and I cannot comprehend that my little time span stands before something like INFINITY FOREVVVVER NEVER GONNA BE ME AGAIN – that alone scares the bejesus out of me – I like being me – I don’t wanna be in the dirt dead ground

but oh well – back to the book – stop thinking and just read the damn thing and you’re pants will fall off you’ll be so scared- I promise – sitting reading, no pants- it’ll just happen – just. like. INFINITY DUM DUM DUM DUMMMMMMM

ok I am crazy now I think I am going to take a lil ol muscle relaxer (since my H dealer died and can’t get that anymore ) ha ha just kidding pfft whatever

anyway – ahem, going to take my muscle relaxer and go scare the shit out of my pants with more BIRD BOX – bring it on SUCKA!!!

Love and Kisses FOR INFINITY

Debbie – and no I am serious I am the big H free yes, it’s true I can’t say I am loving it and can’t say my body doesn’t CRAAAVE it but I will be honest – never felt better in my life and THAT I sincerely mean!


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