11/2/2017 The Dark Web, Cameron Britton; The Nightingale and One of us is Lying

It was a great Halloween.

Lots of goulishnish to be found- Stranger Things 2 on Netflix was good, the first one was so fun so different that I found myself blanking out a bit but not much, it was solid.

Mind Hunter (though the last episode was considered weak, I in my own self  induced panic frenzies found it ok, even with the coupling of Zepplin’s Dying Light – what the hell, how else could it have ended???) the real ace in the hole is Cameron Britton playing the creepy “Ed Kemper” – so magnificent that when he is on the screen I am completely mesmerized. – sorry for lack of pics it is 3am and I am so tired – but compelled to keep this blog as updated as I can. I like getting out there things that I think of worth watching, reading, buying….

ok, so on that note I read The Nightingale – Kristin Hannah- I thought it was amazing- absolutely breath taking –  (hey, I loved VC Andrews in the 80s so I am allowed to be soapy) – check it out if you’re into Dove Type lather and WW2

Also, One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus- was a fun, if YA oriented novel – I guessed the killer early on but to me it’s never about the destination……the journey, people, always the journey, which leaves me with

on the night of my Paperbacks From Hell fun fest with Grady Hendrix in Philly on 10/7 of which I had such a great time- my son fell into a rabbit hole with a bag of shrooms he got on the DARK WEB??? this is a real place?? I thought it was just some little nightmare world the FBI or Charlie Brooker created to warn us about jerking off in front of a webcam….I can’t believe it’s an actual place- stay away people, stay far far away…….

currently reading – “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline- its good but I agree with one reviewer- throwing 80s terms at us – it isn’t the same as living it- and I miss those days sometimes more than words can describe……where ARE the real Lemmons?????

Love and Kisses


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