10/6/17 new Gilly MacMillan and this weekend Paperbacks from Hell author in Philly

This will be short and sweet any books I’ve read I’ve reviewed on bookshopworm.com and

New Gilly MacMillan book “Odd Child Out” came out on the 3rd and I loved her first two books – “What she Knew” and “The Perfect Girl” I loved so I am anxiously looking forward to it – however I started “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah which I know, some people call chick lit war but I am loving it so I don’t care what a book is or is not, if I like it, it IS.

Also I am not usually into fantasy per se though I will read anything and am all over the place with my library ( I wish I had the room to show case all that I have which is well over a thousand books, and some of which were erroneously thrown away , I know, queue gasp,

well the other day I was looking out the window, wondering what the heck is going on, between a few odd things in my life ( I just can’t write down some for the world to see, not yet anyway) or the crazed gunman in Vegas and God Bless their families, getting thrown to the side at a WaWa today (convenience store for those outside of this tri-state area) by a guy who was beating the crap out of another guy for some unknown reason, or just trying to make it through the day, I happened to look down and saw a book my son had been reading called, “The Bartimaeus Trilogy” I picked it up and read the back of it and it sounded really good, so I am going to start that – it sounds a bit Harry Potterish, and I liked Harry Potter but by the 5th book I was growing a little weary and starting to ponder if there were any cliff notes, not that they weren’t good. They were great, especially the second one, that was my favorite, but they weren’t the nailbiting thrill that I thought, say, the Hunger Games were,

(Harry Potter was more on the line of the Gregor series, cute but kiddie (by the same author of the Hunger Games, (Suzanne Collins- which when I first read (THG) I was blown away. , while the Gregor series, like Potter, was good.

They’ve since saturated everything about THG and I know I know all about the Japanese version, The Battle Royale, which, yes, came first, and was fantastic (especially that last line!) but I loved the Hunger Games what can I say? I wish Collins would write something else as so with Gillian Flynn and Scott Smith (of The Simple Plan and The Ruins, which again, controversy over the fact that they were killer plants, and who the hell cares what they were I read to escape and to think, not to dwell or make sense of anything,

the book was fantastic and I cannot for the life of me figure out the bad reviews)

OK I am rambling – I know and I hope within this rambling blah blah some books flash out that you’ll want to go out and read.

I also want to also go Saturday night to Phila Moca its at 531 N. 12th St 19123 – pretty much 12th and Spring Garden Street- to See Grady Hendrix and his Paperbacks from Hell, Satan Loves You, HorrorStor. and My Best Friend’s Exorcism, I am pretty excited since rarely do we get any authors visiting this area.

And So Love and Kisses I loooove Viola Davis and How to get away with Murder is on tonight (miss ya Wes!) and I have to be finished before they come on. And I hope I can pictures of my adeventures……