9/27/2017 – writers…..and Paperbacks from Hell my latest obsession – Robert Stack addenum

Ok first I guess I will start off with Paperbacks From Hell by Grady Hendrix- having read “My Best Friend’s Exorcism” and being it was all 80’s all the time and I loooove the 80’s because I was the Quaalude Queen and miss those carefree days of yore and..the story was good.

Now, not only does Mr. Hendrix come out with the fabulous “Paperbacks From Hell” but he’s coming to Philly MOCA at 12th and Spring Garden on Oct 7th- will he recognize me for the psycho bitch that I am or will he say there’s a kindly ol’ lady let me sign her book and I will float home…hoping the latter comes true.,..(i’m just obsessed right now dude- comes from a long line of obsessions – I’ll find something else to fixate on soon enough perhaps actually getting this novel I am working on DONE since my last novel was published 2007 and it’s been 10 years – time to get another one out there (The Destroyer for all those who haven’t a signed copy from me when I had sooo many freebies to give out Deborah Eden was my name at the time) – ANYHOW – So I am going through said novel and I come across this little item….

I am going to paraphrase as much as possible not verbatim rewrite but it talks about an author named Ken Greenhall who passed in 2014. He wrote under several names, the most famous apparently, Jessica Hamilton, “Elizabeth was the book”, well, this guy pumps out a few sellables and suddenly the agent/publisher tells him he is TOO OLD!?!?!? Too old to write?? Are you Fucking kidding me??

This was more disturbing to read than 90 percent of the horror novels in the book!

How is an author deemed too old?? You could always put a fake name behind it and “Milli Vanilli” it. I don’t get it???

He then wrote and published a book that got some praise on Amazon from about three people but still…”Lenoir” about a black man who posed for Reuben’s ‘Four Studies of the Head of a Negro” and the New York Times I guess was “patronizing”‘ about it and then poof he never writes again and dies as I said 2014. I am simply sick. So many writers are dashed into obscurity or are forced to self publish because they’re not James Patterson or Daniel Steel, my God, what happened to books, movies, art in general – the 70’s seemed to be a masterful time in which people took chances and were legit allowed to express themselves… oh Lord I feel a total perimenopausal attack of hormones coming on….

Anway- great book and I did also read – “Good Me, Bad Me” by Ali Land which, don’t get me wrong was good and “The Last Place You Look” but Kristin Lepionka, both solid but I don’t know I was more riveted by a few David Bell books equally as much “Bring Her Home and “Somebody I Used to Know” which received far less attention and having said all this – VC Andrews- the Gothic Queen herself when she wrote “Flowers in the Attic” the publishing house though ‘oh so terrible’ but I was sitting in my backyard pool, 1983, couldn’t even look up from the novel I was so engrossed – THATS a BOOK but noooo I’m an idiot…we’d much rather read pretentious bullshit that I can’t understand – so entranced with HOW they are writing their sentences they forget to RIVET PEOPLE RIVET

I have been to a few writing groups – some are absolutely amazing and very positive. They will honestly critique your work in a POSITIVE manner not out of jealousy or because they happen to be the leader of the group’s whipping post but legit HONEST. Then I been to the ones where the table is filled with hummus of 20 different varities and this is what happened to me once:

I wrote a story..I knew the lady who ran the program liked what I had written (and I still stand by that piece wherever the hell it is) but because the people were soooo involved with tearing apart one sentence or asking why the girl was yelling at her husband when her “husband did nothing wrong?” HELLO – Is anyone here married?!?!?!

And I was just startled – there was the darling of the group – the guy who really got an agent and you could tell had no agenda and was actually going places and then the others- some had again, really good stories but because the darling of the group wrinkled her nose and then the leader for whatever reason hung onto this chick’s every word and then would agree without hearing any other opinion, the story was rendered ‘eh’ – I was horrified by these types of writer’s groups.

Now, in my opinion, you want something bad enough and work hard and smart enough, you’re gonna get your work out there no matter what the hell it looks like, could be the worse trash in the world but hit that spark and you’re made.

Then you find those GEMS and wonder- how the hell was this so misplaced. Right off the bat I can’t think of an older book outside of the V.C. Andrews phenom that is calling to me but a newer writer Gilly Macmillan and Lucy Clarke (whose novels are so ‘quiet’ yet to me, so spell binding – but you don’t really hear of them, maybe Macmillan a little but not Clarke. Not the way she should be known and again, If I think of a book that blew me away and the author languished in obscurity who was brilliant (yes I’m looking in the mirror) I will bring that author up….for now I have to work on Novel number 2 or 3 or 10 (but the 2nd one that I AM DETERMINED TO GET PUBLISHED – 10 years people!!) and then I have to walk the dog and watch some really bad horror movies “Mother’s Day”, “Happy Birthday to Me” basically anything on Shudder- so busy day.

Love and Kisses

Debbie – again – please reach me at twitter bookshopworm1 – I am having a tough time right now getting to my email etc- I am just inundated with this that and the other…

PS – Robert Stack – I have been rewatching the old Unsolved Mysteries – and I will tell you what- not only do they hold up but damn Stack was in his 70s and not half bad looking! Am I really getting that old (shiver shudder wince) anyway – if you have Prime on Amazon take a look – they’re are some damn good episodes- if I get the chance I will try to pick out a few but Lord have Mercy I sure do need more than 24 hours in a day at this point!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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