Today is 8/24/2017

well yesterday was my year anniversary at Jetfresh you can get to it by it really does have some incredible food. its was of the nicest places I have ever worked – reminds me of the old days at PMCO (1990-1993) – except back then I was the youngest – now I am the oldest. Its weird to be older than your managers…and see their hopeful gazes at how far they’ve come and I really hope it works out for them particularly D.A. (using maiden initials- when I wanted to quit (on the first day because all I had known since 1988 was cytotechnology) she ran after me in the parking lot and I will never forget that.

I am filled with such emotions all the time and quest dealt with it- Temple did not – this place seems to understand that my inner turmoil is just never ending and at times, self defeating.

Read some books – The Final Girls by Riley Seger (pray that’s spelled right). I thought it was excellent – brought me right back to the 80s horror slasher flicks and any complaints I have read make little sense – oh she does something stupid – well that’s what every one did in ever 80s horror flick ever – before the snarky elements of scream were brought into play – that’s all we had was hard core believe in the mothers day, the last house on the left, the Friday the 13ths, the graduation days, the every movie that ever existed between about 78 to 85 was when they started fading out in regards to a certain amount of originality.

ok now I read My Best Friend’s Exorcism (it really is cool)  which was by Grady Hendrix and was great – fun – I think it’s on par with Ready Player One – yet RPO is about video games where this was about an exorcism.

It was fun – may have dragged here and there but I say full 4 stars- maybe even 4,5- it was excellent and I did by horrorstor which just by the cover and the layout I can see why it one best book of the year 2014 by NPR,

I am currently reading the Australian authored-“Did “See what I have done” by Sarah Schmidt – so far I am only 20 percent in but I am liking it – twisted- looking into the minds of the main players- the sister Emma, Lizzy. Bridget the maid which I find fascinating and then this strange observer whom I haven’t gotten to yet but I will…

I bought a few Sam Edelman purses in different colors then found a blue velvet Michael Kors bag that I really want for 192,00 on ebay I am so pissed I wouldn’t have bought the other color had I saw that first. Shopped at lulus – the ever present aldo and I am going to NYC in the next month with my friend Renee and were gonna have a blast!

I’m trying to keep up with my City blog but its hard- I read a lot and I am a lover of writing novels- I have to get back into it- like the VC Andrews novels- do you know that it is as popular today as when she was alive ? I think the ghost writer is that same guy but it must follow some kind of formula and people eat it up- hell when I was younger (1983) I remember devouring “If there be thorns” in my backyard in my pool.

I love books they’ve shaped my world and I would always dream that one day I would write a Forever or a Flowers in the attic – a Rebbeca or even a Haunting on Hill House- maybe I could still do it – I am not 50 yet and as a writer I can get old, unlike every other art (except painting etc) – anyway – love and kisses and I will do another clown youtube it seems to be the most popular,,,


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