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this is going to be brief as I am so behind in my reading. I have this new book “My best friend’s excorcism” and I want to get to that first I am reading “The Lying Game” by Ruth Ware who is being called the modern day Agatha Christie. Not sure how I feel about that yet but anyway, “The Final Girls” by Riley Sager (a pseudonym I wonder who it really is – someone famous- someone just didn’t want their name out there) anyway I give it an A+ regardless, The Final Girls is a roller coaster ride of fun – is it a little predictable yes – but isn’t Friday the 13thsssssss and all that came after them??? besides the very first one where it was Mrs. Vorhees- we all knew it was Jason behind the hockey mask. and yet I could watch any of them over and over again. It was fun, pure fun, and I actually await more from “Riley Sager”

Next is Etsy- which is an artsy ebay. So far render me unimpressed. I go on ebay I see what I am getting and 9 times out of 10 I get exactly what I paid for in a timely manner. With etsy it’s all “Artsy” it’s all “Oh sorry I am making this and working full time and have 20 orders in front of yours…” soo…why do it if it takes a month to get a mason jar? I bought about 4 pair of earring from etsy 2 of which were ok- the other 2 were horrendous, plastic junk. I wouldn’t even give a rating because I looked and saw that they are “Artists” and if someone is truly giving it their all and it’s not coming up too good I find it very hard to be negative about it, I just know from now on I am going to stick with ebay instead of etsy. I have gotten way to many good deals on ebay. People say for selling, ebay and their fees are worse and worse. But from a buyers point- there’s no greater place. Paypal completely has your back and whenever I have had to use it suddenly whatever problem I may have had quickly disappeared.

Amazon is still my personal favorite but that’s book wise- they’re getting woefully expensive every other item wise. Though every once in a while I will see an out of print book that amazon is trying to get away with selling for some crazy amount through a “third party” seller and then I’ll go on ebay and find the very same book¬† for 3.87 – no joke,

so in closing, not so impressed with Etsy as of yet- loved Final Girls, I like Ruth Ware and am anxious to read “The Lying Game”,¬† and I just got back from Wildwood NJ which until the end of time is my favorite place on planet earth, Next youtube will be another clown video it was fun to film it got a lot of high ratings I just have to get my producer over here aka my cutie pie daughter whose having fun this summer – we did this wild ride where this string lifts you oooh so high then you pull the string and wweeeeeeehhh we swung back and forth I’ll try to upload the video onto this site its awesome.


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