Factory Girl; I shot Andy Warhol and Sid and Nancy

Ok so yesterday I was talking about an actress who was stabbed to death, Krista Helm and going through hot girls who died too young I find mention of Edie Sedgwick who I thought was this glamorous model until the day she died I never realized she had all kinds of issues…I guess everyone does but my image of her with what I read about yesterday was vastly different than what I originally thought of her. Anyway, I found the movie with Sienna Miller who is just cute as a button plays Edie in a movie called “Factory Girl” now usually, I am right on par with biographies, such as “I shot Andy Warhol” about that chick Valerie Solanas who shot Andy Warhol in the late 60s. He was a magnet for freaks and when you have freaks hanging around, yes they are endless sources of looking at life in a way you wouldn’t normally think of, but you gotta watch because most freaks have problems and I guess whatever she had inside her because in the movie “I shot Andy Warhol” she seemed to idolize Andy so, you know, whatever complex emotional situation caused this outcome was greatly explored in that movie, critically acclaimed and a great vehicle for Lili Taylor (who I just love, her acting is top notch)

Sid and Nancy, another excellent movie starring the vastly underrated Chloe Webb and the great Gary Oldman, about Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen which leads me into her mother’s biography “And I don’t want to live this life.” ( I think I read that about 5 times when it came out circa 1984)  which is one of my all time favorites- anyway back to the movie – it was excellent – and critically acclaimed, etc.

Now this leads me to the Factory Girl, ok Rotten Tomatoes gives Sid and Nancy 89%, I shot Andy Warhol gets a 77% – and then you come to Factory Girl which was very good and it gets a 19% ?!? I can’t figure out why…I really enjoyed that movie. Now I’m thinking it is because Bob Dylan comes off a little bit like an airhead and Andy Warhol just an absolute jerk. I don’t know these people in real life – they seem fine to me- but for Lou Reed to read the script and say “I read that script. It’s one of the most disgusting, foul things I’ve seen – by an illiterate retard – in a long time. There’s no limit to how low some people will go to write something to make money….they’re all a bunch of whores.” WOW (this was taken directly from the Wikipedia website)

So I am not sure what happened, I’ve read reviews in which the person goes off about the way they (particularly Dillon and Warhol are represented) but I am not sure why…I think the person I read from said they are represented like assholes but who isn’t an asshole at some point in their life? I can’t imagine having that much money and NOT being an asshole at some point.

And yes, the movie is a bit jumbled- it flashes from here to there without any fantastic direction and yet there is something so vulnerable about Sienna Miller’s depiction of Edie that just takes my breath away – and the biggest naysay about the drug addiction part being “cliché” well that’s what all drug addictions become, cliché, because every single drug addict on the planet becomes exactly that when they are in the throes of whatever addiction – a cliché! My God that’s the worst critique of all. I could see if you were a friend of these people and just the exploitation in general gets to you (ala Lou Reed) I can understand that because if those were my friends I think I’d be pretty pissed off. But the movie itself 19%?!? I have to disagree 19.5 – no just kidding, to me, yes it wasn’t as good as Sid and Nancy (which is one of the all time great “druggie rock and roll bios”) there is no set agenda, it IS all over the place, jumping from scene to scene, with to me, Dylan coming off the oddest, like cardboard. And yet the story it depicts is so gut wrenching to me when she falls and is in the throes and Richie Berlin, (who is in the few final moments for real as herself saying that Edie was very hard to control) comes in and tries in vain to help her. To me, that part in particular is poignant and I feel for her. I really do. I have never had the level of fame that these characters have had. Nor the money by any means but oh Lord have I had the addiction and it sucks and somehow when I watch it, it helps me when I am at one of those points of wanting to get high so bad, of staying away and remembering why I don’t want to be like that anymore.

Then you really do become a cardboard character of yourself……….

Here’s to you Edie….


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