, rabbits, and an actress named Christa Helm that I just learned of today…

I didn’t realize on the IOS that it flipped the pictures so I will modify what was originally written.

Okay for now, ignore shoes – they come further down in the post- for now let’s start with a little game I used to LOOOVE – it was in a magazine and I will try to do more of these, if I can remember, my brain being a leaky faucet of information anymore, but anyway I love the

Which Is More? (between the radio bags above)

Don’t cheat either just look at the bags without squinting lol because the answer is THEEEEE …

Silver radio!!!

That’s a Dolce & Gabbana Radio Bag – saw this one on 1stdibs. – 8, 759 and 69.00 shipping – the one on the right is a 60.00 Aldo’s Tiezzo which I have to say besides the one actually working (Dolce of course) and the obvious quality difference in person, they kind of look the same (color excluded) let’s give it up for Aldo (the black radio bag! I have been shopping with Aldo for many years (apparently they opened in Canada 1972) which is surprising – I found out about them, I would say about 2007? Could be later I am not sure. I just know they were this little company in Willow Grove with a little store and then Beyoncé wore a pair of their shoes to one of her concerts and it exploded.

The one in Manhattan is cool, I like the one in Willow Grove PA but I have to say, all of the Aldo’s I have been too are pretty cool, with really nice bags and shoes (their shoes are much better quality than their bags but I actually prefer their bags) and the reason is because Aldo does things like you see above- gives a chance for us po’ people to own things that look remarkably like their more expensive counterparts. Now I see online it got a few knocks for the hardware coming apart and I have to say, Aldo is pretty cool by coming right out and telling the person to go to the store and they will fix it, which is usually only done with the higher end store (Coach and especially Chanel will bend over backwards to help someone fix a broken purse, shoe, button, etc) you rarely see that in a store that’s pushing a 60.00 bag. I just bought a pair of shoes, the ones above (go back to pictures above) and I always find myself buying something from them – they had some cool puffie things (sorry, don’t know what they are called) but the ones that girl’s hang off their purse that seem to be all the rage right now- they started at Aldo – now you can find them everywhere…except Aldo… anywho – Just giving them a shout out because I have been shopping with them for years – are their purses as long lasting as say the Denim Gucci I paid 700? for about 3 years ago and I STILL have that in heavy heavy rotation and it STILL is in as good as condition as the day I bought it – NO the quality is simply not there (except for some of their shoes I must say, are quite remarkable) but the purses are meant to be worn for show a few times and be thankful that we have a place out there again where I can spend 300.00 and come home with a bagful of cool shit!


Rabbits – OK – I started out with 5 rabbits 8 years ago…. down to 2…. one had a heart defect. She died early on. Something outside went BANG and I literally watched her fall over I thought she just fell but no she fell and passed away – it was a very unnerving thing to witness it’s the God’s honest truth and I still miss that cute little thing (she was 5 when she passed – her name was Bella and she was a dwarf bunnie)

Then we got 2 brothers from a pet store – my kids were young at the time and they called them Turtle and Rabbi (my daughter just kept saying rabbi so the name stuck) well again, they made it almost 8 years and then mysteriously about 4 or 5 months apart they both got sick the same way – started with lethargy then the one he went a little quicker he just got really sick and was gone in like 2 days but outwardly I saw no signs (they always talk of this fly-strike being really bad with rabbits but there’s like ugh I hate the words but maggots by their bottom and I saw no signs of this and I was mad checking) that was rabbi – then turtle about 3 weeks ago he started acting a little funny, he had been depressed when Bella died so I thought maybe he was having a little bout of moodiness or something but then no this week lo and behold he wouldn’t eat I laid with him the whole night-  feeding him water off my finger, knowing what was happening but rabbits aren’t dogs and cats and no one around here will even touch them not even the SPCA! believe me I called…a farmer my mom knew told me that rabbits were funny creatures and to just be there for him, he was almost 8 and the farmer said, for a lop that’s ok – usually 7-12 but, again, rabbi died the same way, very very strange- so now we have Ribbons who is 11 and Sassy who is HUGE and she’s about 5 – they’re both females and Sassy seems a little down because her and turtle were best buds- ribbons has ALWAYS been a very standoffish little bitch (and I say that lovingly as I adore her to pieces) and I think that’s why she’s 11 and showing no signs of slowing down…I have no idea what kind of rabbit she is- she’s a curious one – very different than the others.

Onto another one of my favorites- Hollywood hot chicks who were brutally shot down in their time (and I don’t mean “shot down” though in some instances that is exactly what happened) in the vain of well Marilyn Monroe if you wanna go there, Jayne Mansfield (come on, car accidents are brutal) and

then there are you’re- Dorothy Stratten’s who God Bless never even made it out of the gate and good Lord she was gorgeous just beautiful and she was only 20- TWENTY when she was killed by her pimped out ex husband Paul Snider who I get the impression no one really much cared for, but he was her Svengali and he killed her then raped her corpse….lovely.

Edie Sedgwick – 28 when she died of a combination of alcohol and Barbiturate intoxication though the corner ruled it “Undetermined/accident/suicide”) which is odd but ok – it was 1971 – there were tons of drugs around -and I have to say now that I am reading about Edie, I just spent the last 45 minutes obsessing over her – I have to read up more about her – fascinating – but I wanted to talk about

Christa Helm – this was the girl that I originally wanted to get into it with – It all started when I saw a poster on the internet about a movie called “Going for Broke” which was out for like 2 weeks, never saw the light of day after that and even now isn’t listed in IMDb’s normal listing; those big thick “every movie ever made is listed here” well, “Going for Broke” isn’t one of them and no one really has an answer for what happened to it. I read a fascinating article in by a Steve Thompson and John O’Dowd which really gets into it saying that – she was (and I am paraphrasing from what I’ve read) – being with a lot of men- rating them and making what would become a big tell all book – which today is a dime a dozen but back in the 70s that was just when light was starting to be shone on what really went behind the scenes in Hollywood and the Icons- (aka – in the 80s Rock Hudson came out as gay and it was a BIG deal) it seems so odd now that a book might be the reason what would happen happened but hey, stranger things…

so this book was to be made, she wasn’t getting any roles or making it in Hollywood as she thought she might (and she did have the looks for it – google her name and many pictures will come up – pretty blond) – she was on Wonder Woman and Starsky and Hutch but no real meaty roles or anything that tipped the scales of stardom.

So she sends her friend a cryptic postcard right before she died saying “I am in way over my head here. I’m onto something I can’t get out of.”

And how pray tell did she die? On the night of Feb 12, 1977 she was on her way to a party when she was attacked from behind – later DNA results would point to her attacker being a female and she was stabbed over 30 times. Of course, and unfortunately her neck and face seemed to be the biggest targets which is telling in its own right. she was also bludgeoned with blunt object, either the handle to a knife or a possible hammer. Her bleeding body was found by a passerby on the street.

Press coverage at the time of her death was minimal leaving people to speculate that this had been a kill-for-hire and was done because of what and who she knew….which leaves me wanting to read more and more about her. I usually will watch a movie about these women (Star 80 for Stratten, millions of movies for Marilyn, Sedgwick had a few documentaries made about her as did Mansfield) but I can’t really find one about Christa Helm. I will look though because I just found out about her today 7/1/2017- and my eyes are tired and I am almost at the tail end of “The Fact of a Body” by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich and wow – hopefully on her next book she’ll shorten that name! Good read, however

and as always


post – script – most of the times I go over and over my posts to make them not so disjointed I apologize for tonight’s I will go over it tomorrow as I am creating a new “THERE’S A LOT OF PROBLEMS IN THAT CITY” and I am a tad overwhelmed with many things that have happened these past few weeks (my friend passing, the rabbits passing, etc) so I am a bit worn and I will correct anything I can find…tomorrow…lol

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