I’ve been writing this live and it’s hard this series – and as I was writing part 2b to Francine it cut off and I couldn’t get it back so I am going to try something new so that THAT won’t happen again.

I am currently reading The Fact of the Body and I just posted a YouTube on debeden444 that is called weirdo clown that was so hard to make because A – our normal laptop broke so my daughter had to film me with her phone and we were laughing so hard because I looked so utterly ridiculous- please watch the weirdo clown – debeden444 – youtube it is so fing funny.

I am exhausted so I must go to sleep I didn’t sleep well at all last night – been having a lot of trouble lately- lot on my mind – but I found out about a new show on Netflix called GLOW – (Gorgeous ladies of Wrestling) now I am a child of the 80s I was around when this came out for real and it was a great show so I am really excited about watching it now on Netflix and also Orange is the New Black was pretty funny this season – I liked them overtaking the prison.

Better Call Saul was excellent – I always liked Bob Odenkirk and let’s see, I got two new pair of Dior shoes  – I am going to take pictures next time, I am just starting to get back into the flow of things so bear with me…. I will get there and I want to retool this website so you have something to look at rather than books and words…..I’ll get there my pretty if it kills me! And it just might


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I live in Philadelphia. I am a voracious reader and an avid shopaholic. I read everything from Edgar Allen Poe to Shirley Jackson to Stephen King to Graham Joyce to Lucy Clarke. Everything that I like. I shop hard. Like Chanel shop. But I like most people don't have the money to Chanel shop all the time so I do the "Sharon Stone" Gap/Armani thing of infinite fame back in the 90's - I go low/high. This site will be about my life, my shopping adventures and my critique of books. Also I am the original Queef Girl from the Howard Stern show so - stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

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