6/18/17 -authors to check out or at least FIND & thanks for offers of donations… much appreciated

for now my blog/website will be free I appreciate the offers for donations like you wouldn’t believe….I am going to continue to blog – reach me on twitter  – @bookshopworm1) for the quickest response I check that the most –

and as always I will put up youtube posts as fast as I can.

In the meantime anything following my experimental story “There’s a lot of Problems in that City” I will head it always with that name. Anything else will be headed as usual, with whatever I am talking about. currently I am reading books as always and will review them as I can- Artie Lange from “Dirty Work” and the Howard Stern show wrote “Too Fat to Fish” and “Crash and Burn” the former was a hysterical look at the beginning of his life and the latter is a more seriously toned look at the madness of addiction – I strongly recommend both of them. I am reading an older non-fiction true crime right now “Lie after Lie” by Lara Brickler it’s a quick read and I am liking it. My next books that I am really looking forward to are “The Fact of the Body” by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich and “Killers of the Flower Moon” by David Grann, both came highly recommended.

Also there was a writer who wrote two great books-  “A Simple Plan” and “The Ruins” (which people either love or hate but I absolutely LOOOOVED) by a man named Scott Smith. Where is this man?? He seems to be an enigma within an enigma  – no one knows of him or where he is and I have done research to try to find this guy.

Also – I know she’s played out a bit with Gone Girl (which out of the 3 books/1 novella) she wrote was my least favorite but STILL when is Gillian Flynn coming out with a new book????? And last but not least another author who I think is bangin is Gilly Macmillan – October 3rd she has a new release but in the meantime “What She Knew” and “The Perfect Girl” are excellent reads.

She wrote me on twitter and seemed to be an incredibly wonderful person and another author whom honestly, I think seems like one of the most engaging people I have ever Tweeted with, Chris Bohjalian, is without a doubt, an absolute sweetheart, his books are either up here——- or

down here (ex- midwives I couldn’t read fast enough, while The Secrets of Eden I had to plod through, yet wasn’t terrible) but anyway, he is an absolute doll and a big shout out to him! I’ve read most of his books and he’s a definite recommend!



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