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Starting “All The Breaking Waves” by Kerry Lonsdale. I just finished Penny Marshall’s book “My Mother Was Nuts” which was surprisingly good. I didn’t know what to expect from it, but since she’s more on par with what I grew up with (the 80’s, Quaaludes, and no cell phone or social media) I felt a connection with her. There’s something to be said for lack of facebook days- now it’s like kids have no privacy and I noticed something else.

When a kid is “bored” it’s because there so inundated with constant stimulation, they don’t know how to create their own fun from ground up. My sister and I used to get a tape cassette player and tape “stories” I would kill to be able to find them and play them. They were fun, original, and another example of what we did in the 80’s when we were bored.

I have to cut this quick as I am running out but maybe that will be my next post – what we did in the 80s for fun!!!