kat maconie and moving forward… 1/5/2017 part two.

ok obviously I borrowed these from a site on google – I looove both of them esp the pink ones but cannot find any in my size – (8.5) or 39 rather, so I foung blue ones which I love as well, maybe not as much as the killer mix of pink and gold but none the less – gorgeous – also

as I was talking about “The Pact” by Jodi Piccoult it’s the story of Chris and Emily – together since birth, going out, having a blast, and then the unthinkable happens, Chris and Emily are out one night and Emily shoots herself OR the police are saying Chris shot her, so it goes from there. I was really into it and then from previous reviews SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER it said that Emily was molested in a mcdonalds bathroom but from that scene I don’t know I never got that so I was very confused -anyway- END OF SPOILER – it’s still a great book, I thought, and I like Jodi Piccoult novels, they’re not “hot rods” theyre old comfortable Chevy Impalas, a nice sturdy slow ride.

Alas, I met a guy I will refer to as M.A. – those are his initials – he’s a cool person. He writes screenplays – now I was always a novel writer- he wants me to be involved in the screen writing process and I think that would be cool-  if you want to check out a short go on my twitter page – bookshopworm1 – theres a link at the top or go to youtube and check out  IMMB productions – I have to write now!!


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