Jet fresh and what goes around comes around

img_7806Ok this is the story in a nutshell my punctuation and everthing may be off but thats because my phone is cracked and tiny and my desktop computer is a mess. I have to get a new one.

What I learned in the last year and a half is life sure is strange. Yes that’s me; my safety gear for jet fresh ( look it up kids) I went to college for five years. I got a job right out of school making 40k a year in 1996 then it just increased from there I got to where I was making an easy 70k a year. Then I left that job to work At temple university hospital oh what a prize I had nabbed ; ( I should have known something was off when a dying former coworker begged me not to take the job ) but at that time  my boss was great, he made me the clinical cooridinator for the students I was beloved. I ruled; I was popular,  everything was just going my way.  I had no problems. I took massive 1.5 hour lunches and did whatever I wanted…

and then

after 20 years of being in this field there I was a bloated yet happy version of my former self, I had made it, I had money, respect, I had it all.

Until fate stepped in

And boy did it have different plans in store for me. Something happened;  bad; something I had nothing to do with. Someone made a complaint against temple it was investigated  and found to be warranted but had nothing to do with my boss or with me and yet we were blamed; they brought in R.M.F and T.C to get rid of me and they did so quickly, spread all kinds of lies about me and basically  ruined my reputation. I couldn’t even get another job in my field; I had to cash out my 401ks and I was lost; a lost lonely mess.

What would become of me?  I was terrified.

The union fought but I was a political hot potato. There was little they could do. Eventually Temple gave me 20k and made me sign a paper that I wouldn’t sue them which was utterly  ridiculous ( I had already went through abitration) I should have sued them instead of going through the arbitration but what can I say you live and you learn.

My dad’s goddaughter called my dad one day and said she had gotten a job at a place called Jet ( first you had to prove yourself and get through the temp part if they liked you you were in )(oddly the same thing had happened to her except she had been a county cop, but they had fired her same way, it happens more than you think believe me) I had never heard of jet so I thought what do I have to lose except the massive amount of weight I had gained being a fat cat all of those years.

And so I moved forth…

I started a job that was physically demanding, something I had never had to do before .  My jobs were always mentally straining.

In the first month I lost twenty pounds

then, they had a form to sign up to work on the freezer side of jet called “jet fresh” and I though what the heck did I have to lose except more weight ?

What happened was like being in boot camp.

10 hours a day on my feet no more cushy lunches or big pay checks; 15 minute breaks that some days you could die for. I was amazed at the kids who walked in and worked so hard? Had I been that spoiled that I was in amazement that they just accepted this hard labor as normal?! I couldn’t believe it. At their age I would have said fuck you and walked within minutes.

Instead I was fucking determined to prove myself. I was going to pass this test, through the temp agency and into Jetfresh. I had gotten so used to people kissing my ass all the time that I was on my own here and scared to death. First few days I got lost inside the warehouse they thought I was bat shit crazy and yet still I was determined. Christ I had stripped in the clubs when I was 23 nothing was more terrifying than that. I had been on Howard Stern for a few years as Debbie the Queefer and if I could get in front of Howard and queef I sure as hell could make it inside a freezer.

My bones ached and my fingers bled and I ached for the days of fat paychecks and yet still I stayed. I was furious, now, just with the fact that my fat ass was having trouble keeping up with these young kids.

and then…..

then something happened….

I started to talk to people.

I was beginning to like the sheer brute will it took just to physically get through the day at times;

not to mention the pounds were literally just starting to fall off of me; I was Seeing the real Debbie poke through.

I hadn’t seen her in many, many years….

When D told me that I was getting converted into Jetfresh as a real employee it took everything I had not to burst into tears. I had done it. I had done something I never thought possible. I had never worked this hard in my life and for such little money but the money didn’t matter anymore. I was starting to love myself again. And it had been so long …. so you see, bad things do happen to good people. I am a good person. I had just become a chubbier version who made a lot of money. Now I have to watch what I spend  but wow do I look so much better being  broke. Clothes that haven’t fit me since I was pregnant, fit. I’ve grown to love that damn freezer.

It’s home.

and to the bitches that tried to break my spirit

what goes around comes back around ..: all the way back around

love and kisses

Debbie  that was the shortened version of what is a much longer story but again it’s hard using my little phone screen and my desktop computer is truly screwed so for now, that’s the beginning of being fresh, only the beginning,



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