November 1 2016

I got off track – but I will start up – sorry – I am in a Jodi Picoult mood – I have been reading her books -I read Small Great Things and now I am backtracking and reading Second Glance. I liked Small Great Things- a little over the top with for example when the woman is being led out of her house, arrested, she complains that none of her white friends say anything. But around here, so many people are arrested first of all I wouldn’t ask why any of my neighbors were being arrested and second what does it matter if she’s black, everyone around here gets arrested all the time. But for right now it was a good book – I got totally sidetracked I’ll delve more into all of this I need a new phone and a new computer – both are broken and yes same shitty computer as last year SIGH – ONE OF THESE YEARS LOVE AND KISSES