Its Septemner 23, 2016 and my vagina

I knew this would happen- I got a job outside the home and I just can’t pay attention to this site- I am on twitter mostly – I want to try to keep up this site – pisses me off that I am letting it lag and I am not getting to the comments the way I wanted to – I apologize for this and I am going to try my best – I would love nothing more than to write all day and do this blogging because I feel that I have  a lot to bring to people – that I can weed through the bad in life and filter in the good to people that want it – anyway – MY VAGINA – As some know from 1997 to about 2008 – some reruns are still run to this day I was the raining queefgirl of the Howard Stern show – there were many contests -didn’t matter if I won or lost – for some reason people just loved ME the most and for that, I thank you.

Anyway – I am over forty now and when I turned forty something horrible happened. My vagina started to attack me. I feel that this is something that few women talk about because it’s embarrassing, sounds gross, women don’t want people to know that their vagina might be anything less than perfect.

Well that’s what happened – for years I literally had a golden vagina – and then wow – did it turn – sorry to gross anyone out but my vagina became most of all itchy and a bit dry. The itching was driving me crazy. I thought I had a yeast infection but I bought Monistat – used it and, still the itch and burn remained, no STDs (thankfully never had one in my life) but I was perplexed — what the hell was wrong with my baby? My vagina which had been perfect for so long was now hurting.

I tried everything, and I started getting Urinary Tract Infections quite frequently. This went on for about a year and I was going nuts. Finally, one day I was on amazon, trolling for books to read to review for you good people when BAM I don’t even know what I plugged in to find this product- it’s called

RePhresh it’s a Pro-B Probiotic. I don’t exactly know what that means.

Probiotic in the dictionary is listed as a substance or preparation that is introduced into the body for its beneficial properties.

Well. this RePhresh had 1,107 reviews of which 70 percent were 5 star reviews, 10 percent were 4 star – so that’s 80 percent of really good reviews for over 1000 women.(I’ve heard Ultimate Flora is good as well)

However, just having been introduced to these products- I didn’t know what to think. I just know I was climbing the walls with this damn itching and dryness – I even tried something called Pink for the dryness which worked but didn’t do anything for this constant itching. I thought is my vagina just gone bad????
Alas, I bought this RePhresh and two weeks later, ALL of my symptoms – that weird, “I’m gonna get a UTI any minute” feeling GONE -the itching GONE – my vagina is singing!!! I don’t know who made this RePhresh but I thank them profusely because I literally feel like a new woman!!! Now I never noticed and odor (thank god or I think I would have jumped off the ledge) but I read that women who had odor problems as well noticed a marked decrease taking this product – Now I am not a doctor so by all means discuss this first with your GYN or GP before using but I highly recommend going on amazon and getting some RePhresh – and let your vagina dance!!!!

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