Its been too long I know I know…

Its been a month today – can’t believe it but time is slipping away, plus I went on vacation plus it’s my birthday on Friday and that is freaking me out as I approach an age I NEVER thought I’d see!

Books I’ve read:

The Girls by Emma Cline, Life or Death by Michael Robotham

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda and The Two-Family House by Lynda Cohen Loigman

‘Currently I am reading The Lost Girls by Heather Young

So The Girls though it was based on the Manson Girls (and please don’t tell me you don’t know who Charles Manson is, come on) anyway- it’s not so much the story (because the element of surprise is gone so there’s that) but the writing is REALLY good, for that I highly recommend; and it’s not just the good writing it’s the places she takes the reader. It’s more than about the Manson Girls – it’s about life and looking back.

Life or Death by Michael Robotham, like all of Robotham’s books is a fast paced¬†thriller – this one about a guy named Audie and his time in prison for stealing a lot of money – This guy cam write (Robotham not Audie lol) – everything he writes – I’ve read a few of his books so far but I have I think all of them and I will get to all of them are just excellent. He keeps you interested he’s just straight up telling a story. While I like some books because they might have you look at life a different way or suddenly just realize something about yourself, Robotham just tells a story and that’s nice to know when you pick up one of his books that’s what you’re in for, nothing less.

Now we get to All the Missing Girls, Ahem,

I am an artist. I read voraciously so at this point I know what I like and I can also tell when an author is making the most biggest mistake that all beginner¬†writer’s tend to make and that is TELLING not SHOWING.

Michael Robotham SHOWS; Gilly McMillian SHOWS; Stephen King love him or lump him ,well, you know

BUT THIS BOOK ARGH – so much promise, so many good reviews and then I get to it and I wanted to pull my hair out, seriously.

I do not like downing artists I respect all of my fellow artists – and hey, she’s got a book out there that’s far more well known than anything I’ve ever written so I give her all the props but the book itself drove me crazy.

It was basically shoving down our throats how the protagonist felt throughout the whole book -it would have been a fantastic read had it not TOLD us how she felt every second and how we the reader should be feeling every second.

And I will stop there because, again, I don’t like writing negative reviews. I just wasn’t into it.

Now, getting to The Two Family House. I still keep going back and forth about the book.

I liked it. I did. But did I LOVE it. Or just eh, no, it definitely wasn’t an eh, no matter how dry it was, as in, they always tell you in writing classes, or college writing course, write minimally and just tell the story but this is one of those books that does just that and it’s a short book, clocking in at something like 290 pages yet it could have been written with a better prose. It was a little too dry but it was good, solid. Not a rave but a solid 3.5 stars.

Anyway I am having higher hopes for Heather Young’s Lost Girls!

Love and Kisses