Today is July 16, 2016

I wasn’t working for a while and I was able to twitter and youtube and write down all I wanted to write – I finished a novel that I have been on and off working on for TWENTY years and now I am back to working outside the home and while I love the job, I am back to unintentionally ignoring my website and all things creative. It is true – it’s one thing or another. You have to give 100 percent to really make it. I know I could make it as a writer- a published, well known writer if I had the time. Time is so limited and I am so fearful that I will never get out what I want to get out into the world. I want to leave my mark just like everyone else but life is getting in the way. I am going to do my best to keep up on this website. For now though I feel another novel inside of me that I have to get out.

That being said,

Right now I am reading “Life or Death” by Michael Robotham who is not only an excellent writer but he writes certain passages that┬áreally hits home for me. This is paraphrasing ┬ábut something to the affect that “I wish I could look at life like that from above and backwards so that everything could be put in perspective.”

I feel like that sometime like why is this or that happening and then you find out why at a later time. That’s why it’s good to not get too upset by things (outside of a child dying – that is one thing that never makes any sense to me and is just horrible through and through) beyond that – everything, the everyday bullshit we deal with – it’s small potatoes and we should always think like that.

Back to Life after Death. A man who did about 15/20 years in prison is set to get out on such and such a date only to escape the DAY BEFORE his release. Why? And what will happen to the 7 million dollars he supposedly has hidden. Great cat and mouse thriller with a lot of life teaching passages in between.

I’m halfway through it – and wish I could read as much as I wanted to I’d finish it today!

Love and Kisses