I’m working outside the house and I wish I had the means to not

But I don’t to sustain the lifestyle I have been accustomed to which is not that much I just never had to worry about money – All I want is a house my kids to have fun and enough to party with and I’m good, and I’ve had that for over 20 years now. But what suffers is my art. And that’s a hard thing for me to digest. Should I starve for my art? It’s a question that haunts me because I am scared to death that now that I am working again I won’ t be able to do what I want to do and that is be totally immersed into MY ART – whether people see it as art whether people like it or not, it’s not the point I GET HIGH FROM WRITING – HIGH – HIGHER THAN I DID WHEN I USED TO DO H

And that’s a fact. It is my absolute favorite thing to do on the planet besides fuck and be with my kids…I did not make the decision lightly and now I have to


because I am going to finish TBC before I die if it is the THING THAT KILLS ME!!!