The Forgetting Time, forgettable. And I am picking up Hell House first.

the forgetting timeI don’t like giving bad reviews and this isn’t a bad book. I was a little harsh on Amazon and gave it 2 stars then on Goodreads I upped it to 3 stars because the last 3/4s of the book was  good; just started to pick up with a character named Denise, one she comes in it starts to role. The book is about a boy named Noah who becomes enraged, upset, almost psychotic at bath time. He says strange things and the mother is of course upset. There is a parallel story about a doctor who’s brain is giving way to a specific type of not dementia, but a disease called Aphasia it is called, a disorder which affect the person’s ability to communicate. If the author had set more time on this disorder I would have been more inclined I think in liking this. I don’t mind stories that I might not particularly believe in and reincarnation, who am I to say it’s not true, but some of it, I don’t know it was over the top, taking it so seriously that it was just hard to get myself into that mindset and even that would be ok except for one big thing.


It’s Sharon Guskin’s debut novel and it’s ok so I am hoping that in further books she hones her craft (Lord knows she’s far superior than me in her efforts to get her words out there) but the writing just falls flat and makes one of the biggest mistakes, one of the things they beat into your head in every writing group/book/etc. Telling instead of showing; it’s so bad at times in fact it just pulls the story down, grinds it to a halt and just as I was getting into a page the writing would break my thoughts and pull me right out of the book. It’s a shame. It could have been a five star book. I had been on a roll with the last few books. That Gilly MacMillan makes me green with envy she writes so beautifully. But hey, not bad and I would like to see something else she puts out just to see her grow as an artist. In the Meantime, I decided to pull out a book I’ve been hearing about forever: Hell House by Richard Matheson, I am really excited about reading it – so after I #amwrite and #amedit – here we go!!