The Forgetting Time, The Edge of Normal and James Franco

the forgetting timeOk here we go, I am about to start The Forgetting Time. I don’t know too much about it other than it has to do with reincarnation. I hear good things about it and will let you know. I’ve been on a role with good books lately, so here we go!! Hey Ho LETS GO! THE BLITZKRIEG BOP! Oooh I forgot, speaking of The Ramones their was a good book I just read I’ll upload a pic next time but I have to go get something to eat then type then Better Call Saul is on tonight and I got to get down to funkytown – can’t miss that – love Bobby O. – OK

next I want to read something that I’ve been looking after for a while but I have soooo many books at this point I’d almost be a little embarrassed to post a photo I look like a hoarder; if I had more room to store them I would look like an elite book enthusiast – well anyway next I will be reading….

the edge of normalthis little number, I got it about a year or two ago but haven’t gotten to it yet. Even the cover is haunting, I think this will be next and I was at a Thrift shop here in Philly, like to give it a shout out; its at Princeton and Frankford, the mayfair section of Northeast Philadelphia and you get a BAG of books for 1.00!! and they had some good books; one book given to me almost twenty years ago “Memoirs of a Geisha” that I never read I got. I just threw a ton of books; got some Sweet Valley High for my daughter; wine books for my step dad. Really nice – so go out and support the Veterans and get a bag of books if you’re in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia!

Finally, I was knocking it at first; just took me a minute because the book is more in depth and is better than the 8 part series but I am liking on Hulu – 11.22.63 with James Franco

james francopicture is courtesy of this weeks issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. He plays the part well. I am loving the girl who plays Sadie, Sarah Gadon, she really, really steps into that character. Love the guy who plays Bill Turcotte (he was born in 92?? GOOD LORD I AM GETTING OLD) and Franco is pretty good as Jake, next week is the final episode and I am anxious to see what they do with it, again, having read the book, it’s intense and I believe it will be done justice. I also give props to Lee Harvey Oswald played by Daniel Webber, Lucy Fry, as  Marina Oswald, I looked her up online she is gorgeous, what a beautiful girl and alas, Al, Chris Cooper, all a fine cast, I won’t go through every single person but a fine cast.

Now if Franco could only knock out a decent book,,,,,,hmmmm, he’s too good looking I gotta knock something….Love ya James

Hugs and Kisses


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    1. Yes lol can you tell- I am glad it looks as good as it does. I am mostly a reader and a writer that likes to put out there things that others might enjoy! I wish I was as internet savvy as my kids!!!

    1. thank you. I am a beginner. I wish I could work this a little better I could do a lot more with it. For now it’s all about reading, writing and I do a lot of reading and reviewing for others.
      I really try hard not to put something out there unless I am sure it is from a reliable source or my own opinion (that could differ than lol) but thanks – actually I am going to write today about
      a great site I found on Twitter called I have no affiliation with them but it really seems like a good site if you have a book you want to sell or are selling OR want to be
      involved in reviewing other’s books I am going to put it on my site right now.

    1. It’s possible it seems to be dependent upon where I am copying the picture from (example, my library as opposed to a picture used from someone else’s website

    1. Hmmm that’s a great question. What I tend to do it go on twitter and I usually find people with really well written well thought out websites that way. Off the top of my head I can’t think of anything at the moment but I will get back to you on that, it’s an excellent question and now you have me thinking! Thanks for asking I am going to pay more attention to the sites that I frequent and then I will post accordingly.

    1. Thanks so much I appreciate that – I am actually just finishing my 2nd novel – the final edit is going to slam me time wise- I really want to concentrate on this site but I have to, you know, prioritize. But eventually I would like to somehow have more interaction with readers such as yourself. My son is the computer wizard – after I am finished with my book it’s time to brainstorm!!

    1. thanks I try to keep up I read so many books and am on so many different sites it’s hard to keep up thanks again!!

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