A Head Full of Ghosts

a head full of ghostsI am surprised. Very surprised. I have been reading hard books, non-kindle for a few months now. But there was a book I wanted to read on my kindle and that was Always Watching by Chevy Stevens. Once your on kindle, then the floodgates open, everybody is on there; a few I promised via twitter to read, and I always keep my promises, one I was a scout for, Target In the Sun – Which I will get to, anyway, I see this Head Full of Ghosts, never heard of the author everyone is crowing about it and I think, should I? When I have 8,000 other books in queue?? But I couldn’t resist it sounded tantalizing. Well I start it, I am at page 50 when I start rolling my eyes and wishing I would have started The Luckiest Girl Alive instead. But I forged onward, after forgoing This Little Life, I just can’t do it again. I have to finish any and all books I pick up.

So I am reading, reading, reading, and then I find myself starting to stare at the percentage read that kindle does, 30 percent, 40 percent.. It starts creeping toward 50 when all of a sudden something happened, it got good. I mean, my eyes were moving faster than I thought possible good. There is one part when the camera man says “Jesus” that is sticking with me and I said Jesus as well…

I would give this book a chance and get passed it; there’s going to come a point where you’re going to think you know what’s going on and “how bland, dude.”

But no…no…no…no…no…no NO!!

It’s good; I am impressed, bring it on Paul Tremblay, I already preordered “The Disappearance at Devil’s Rock” because I am digging him.

The book is about two young girls; the young girl, Merry, her older sister, Marjorie is being “possessed” by the devil or is she? I really like how he tied it all together. It was creepy.

Then we come to Leonard Cohen. I, like most, loved Sons of Anarchy. My favorite was Tig, Jax, Chibs, Gemma, all of them but particularly those guys, anyway, what I want to say is Kurt Sutter or whoever made the decision to put “Come Healing” in the scenes where Jax bangs that older lady, (she’s not older to me but in the show Gemma makes reference to him having a mommy complex by banging her) and Tara beats the shit out of some chick in jail – the whole scene is so beautifully shot and no one but Cohen can sing like that – first time I heard him I was young and couldn’t believe my Metallica warped ears. I thought it was a joke- even for a Souxsie and the Banshees fan I thought what is this?!?! It’s only now as an adult I see just how next to God he really is and for that everybody listen to Come Healing by Leonard Cohen – if that don’t make you a believer than you have ice in those veins, chicken.

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  1. A very exciting blog. Here goes an uncommon and slightly awkward question. If I get my wife sexy lingerie from Agent Provocateur or Victoria’s Secret, should I expect anything at night? I am sorry if I have come across as offensive. I just want to get my facts right.

    1. heres a few questions – now if my hubby bought me sexy lingerie from Victorias Secret I would be all over him because I love sexy lingerie and he’s such a guy that I bet he doesn’t have any clue what my size is so if he on his own bought me something like that I would be THRILLED beyond belief that he knew my size lol and I love him to pieces not saying it’s a bad thing he’s just a guy’s guy. It is so sweet that you are you are thinking of your wife so I would find out her size buy it then let me know what happens!! And remember spend over 100 and there’s always a free shipping code with V. Secret so don’t pay for shipping!!

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