Always Watching

always watchingMy trip back to my kindle made me realize I have as many books in there as I do outside – 465 books total. I wonder if I counted every book in my house if it would exceed 1000 it’s possible. Anyway, Chevy Stevens is a relatively new author, new meaning I think 2011 is when her first book, Still Missing, came out. I enjoyed that and each subsequent book, however I missed this one. It was on my kindle and I don’t know how I missed this one and That Night, but I did. This one wasn’t my favorite by Ms. Stephens, but I liked it just the same. It was about a psychologist named Nadine who is treating someone named Heather with deep anxiety and depression disorders. She finds that Heather is coming from a community where bizarre practices occur, such as deprivation, in the name of “finding the light” and you better follow Aaron the leader because he’s “Always Watching.”

Nadine has a daughter who is having trouble and they are estranged, it’s breaking Nadine’s heart and I think, character wise, Nadine is trying to save her daughter through Heather. Also, Nadine is surprised to find that she herself had been at this community or “family”, a la Charles Mansonesque, with Aaron when she was a little girl. They have all grown older, but some things never change. A lot happens in this book, that’s the one weakness I found is that it’s kind of all over the place in that there’s not one set story line; there’s a few story lines and sometimes I sat back wondering where it was going or why were we spending SO MUCH time talking about this particular or that.

But in the end, having looked back at the big picture, I liked it, it was entertaining. I didn’t ever want to stop reading it; there was one part that kind of did not make sense in that there is NO WAY NADINE WOULD HAVE DONE THIS; she’s a smart, amazing woman and then to get tripped up here??? No way.

It was just a little slower than most of her other books. My favorite of hers was “Those Girls” that was a total kick ass, from start to finish awesome read. Where this was more I think Chevy, if I’m not mistaken this was her second book and I think she was feeling her way around with pacing.

I liked how she keeps the villians so mean you just want to tear them apart and the good guys, good, but flawed yet realistic. And I wonder what the hell happened to her that she writes about SOO much sexual deviation SOO well.

OK ONWARD, I am now going to read “What Was Mine” by Helen Klein Ross. This has 68 reviews on Amazon 57 percent of which are 5 stars; only 9 percent are three stars so I am pretty anxious to see what this author has to say.

Also CITY ON FIRE, it is 900 pages long, about New York City in the 1970’s and the NYC blackout is featured as well, as I have read. I am going to tackle that one after A Head Full Of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay which is supposed to be another 5 star (269 amazon reviews!) SUPER SCARY book – and it’s been a long time since I found something that shiver me timbers! A few parts of Ghost Story by Peter Straub did but man was that a pill to tackle and I don’t know quite know why I had such trouble with that book. Also a “Within These Walls” by an Ania Ahiborn is looking pretty good…I have to kindle my next books because I literally have no more room in my house..Night Folks!

Love and Kisses