lovin my Victoria’s Secret classic fleece jacket!!


This is classic fleece hoodie from Victoria’s Secret. I was 88.00 I tried to find it again in the catalogue to get the number but I don’t know if they sold out or what I could not find it again. I am trying to keep up every day with this blog my twitter account @bookshopworm1 and etc but I am going through a really bad personal situation. I can’t even talk about it until later but I will heed advice to youngsters especially women – BE A BITCH be the BIGGEST BITCH YOU CAN because if you don’t you will get stomped on. Seriously the meek shall not inherit the earth..,.sorry didn’t mean to Victoria’s Secret to slide into this but I am fearful of my life at this exact moment. If anyone sees this and something happens to me…you read it hear first – remember it for a Forensic File episode (OK trying to inject a bit of black humor there).