Well who has ever been to arbitration? – I will be going on Thursday. I worked in a field for over 20 years with an excellent record- and then then new management came in and they fired me for no reason at all. It’s true. I am very nervous because they took a lot from me – my self esteem- my paycheck- and most important my kids health benefits – they took the food right out of their mouths. It’s a disgrace and I pray and hope that a judge will be able to see right through them after Thursday no matter what the outcome I will be back to my “normal”‘ self right now I am somewhat of a mess. Pray for me Please And I will be back with a vengeance I promise- plus I am almost done the Ward. I ordered Stephen King’s new book The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. So I will review the Ward (S.L. Grey -Downside #2 – I am liking these downside books – kooky freaky weird like me – and then I will start the Bazaar ; the last good Stephen King book I read was 11/22/63  – I didn’t like Mr. Mercedes; the sequal to the shining was ok but I can’t even remember the title so it couldn’t have been that good – I just remember the lady with the hat that preyed on children that was pretty cool. Doctor Sleep was the name of the sequal to the Shining; now come on the Shining was masterful to follow up twenty years later with Doctor Sleep? Eh – come on Stephen!! SCARE US!!! In the meantime – Wink Wink – PRAY FOR ME!!